Omid Shekari
I make art in the hope of capturing stories which speak universally about how domination and violence still determine the rhythms and laws of power within human experience. My work reflects the events, hidden stories and the feelings that I have grasped through observing a range of shifting political winds in the Middle-East, the cultural phenomena following the religious revolution in Iran, in addition to comprehending the US socio-political climate while living here. The situations that my images portray, however, are far more universal in nature, transcending time and place.

My recent projects focus on the term patriotism and how it is utilized in the political context. I attempt to depict how patriotism is still absurdly effective, and is functional for the war hawk politicians. I explore the level of violence and force that patriotism has caused, and ways to resist such a phenomenon when we are seeing growing levels of political extremism globally.